Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Septic Tank Cleaning

A septic tank is a single or dual-chamber tank that receives raw waste-water from drain-lines of residential or commercial premises. The term “septic” relates to the anaerobic bacterial system that develops within the tank and causes the waste that is discharged into the tank to decompose or mineralize. Septic tanks are designed to facilitate the removal of particles heavier than water by encouraging these heavy particles to settle to the tank floor, thus creating the sludge layer.

When the septic tank no longer has room to store these captured particles, the particles begin to escape from the tank with the exiting waste-water and will begin to clog the soil absorption area.

A neglected Septic Tank can result in serious health hazards, bad odour within the area, as well as spread of water related diseases. Commercial properties and labour camps are most likely to be affected by blocked septic tanks due to the heavy usage of the toilets.